Personal Story: Jacky

I wasn’t brought up in any religion and was open minded, always finding myself reading books about different philosophies and looking for truth and purpose in life.  I was invited to a Revival Centres Church meeting and decided to get baptised in water to see if there was anything in this experience.

I was praying and spoke in an unknown tongue in the baptismal tank and instantly knew God was alive, I’d found the truth and happiness I’d been searching for.  In 1987 I had prayer for a damaged disc in my lower back and the Lord healed me that day.  The joy of the Lord is a great constant in my life and I thank Him for revealing Himself to me by the Holy Spirit and for giving me new direction and a purpose in life.

Jacky Pree – Newcastle Revival Church


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  1. Hi Jacky, It’s always good to hear other peoples Testimony as we all have different things going on in our life, I have to agree finding God is the most Important decision in our lives, I wish you well Jacky. God Bless Pauline Allen.

  2. What wonderful testimonies I myself was spirit filled since 92 and walking with the Lord is awesome he never leaves us in good and troublesome times, I am in the Rotorua Revival Church NZ we love to get visitors I praise God for everything

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