Receiving the Holy Spirit

Receiving the Holy Spirit

Have you seen the footage of people who have had a cochlear implant hear for the first time? Or when someone first puts on glasses that corrects their colour-blindness? These are moments filled with joy, amazement, shock, excitement – they are life changing.

These moments are just the same as when you receive the Holy Spirit. It is a moment in time, a real encounter. The life-changing realisation that God is there. It’s not just a warm-fuzzy feeling – it is an experience that can be seen and heard, just like what happened in the Bible (Acts 2).

This experience is for everyone. Give it a go!

Talk given: 21 May 2017


Pastor Geoff Beggs is a Melbourne pastor. He has formerly pastored in Canberra, Shepparton and Coffs Harbour. He has undertaken mission work in Papua New Guinea. He is married with four (adult) children.

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