Aug 2017
The Rock

There is something beyond this moment. Something beyond the “give me now” of life. Something that will matter for longer than you can live … Something you can base your faith on. Is God the anchor of your soul? Talk given: 27 August 2017...

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Mar 2016
God's Miracle In You

God has been performing miracles since the Old Testament. But the flavour has changed from big dramatic national ones in the Old Testament to more personal ones in the Gospel age. But the greatest miracle is the one Jesus looked forward to when He said: “greater works than these shall you do”. Being filled with the Holy Spirit – the most everlasting and personal miracle there is. Talk given: Biennial Conference, 13 March 2016....

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Oct 2015
The kingdom to come

Jesus rose from the dead and sent the Holy Ghost as a Comforter. The Holy Spirit’s presence was confirmed with the evidence of speaking in tongues. The apostles were there on the day of Pentecost when more than 3,000 people received the Holy Spirit. The hope for the world changed that day. Talk given: 14 June 2015....

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