I always knew that God existed, or there had to be a higher being that created us, or even the earth. This surely could not have just come about by Evolution, the intricacies of even how we as humans are constructed could not have come about by chance.

I grew up in a god-conscience family who feared and respected God, but having grown up in traditional religion questioned the hierarchy about some of the church’s teachings, and these questions were never answered. Discontent creeped in and when challenged by a Spirit-filled Christian one day to put God to the test, I did so and received the Holy Spirit with the bible evidence of Speaking in Tongues. This tangible experience gave me a new perspective on life and our existence and purpose in life.

Living a righteous life can be challenging, many people think that their religion or beliefs is the only way to be right with God, and when they find out about me they challenge my beliefs and the way I live my life. This experience makes you stronger, and the realisation that you will be persecuted for your beliefs becomes ever true, but I am not ashamed of my testimony and of being a Spirit-filled Christian and proud to be an ambassador for God. I challenge you to put God to the test, he will not disappoint, you have nothing to lose! And guess what, it’s free, it will not cost you a thing.

Pr Richard Morin.


SUNDAY: 2:00pm

AT: Cnr Glenelg Hwy and Panorama Drv
Delacombe, Victoria

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Ballarat Dinner Night

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29 Jul 2018

Ballarat Dinner Night

Last Saturday the Ballarat Assembly had a Christmas in July dinner night at their hall in Delacombe. Masquerade masks were required to add an extra edge to the Christmas theme. There were some visitors and...