Welcome to Revival Centres Church Brisbane

Hello and welcome!

We are a dynamic, excited group of people who have been blessed with many miracles from God. He’s our dearest friend, Father, Saviour and guide, and He can be yours too.

You’re very welcome at any of our meetings, where you’ll see a very happy group of people who love talking about the way God has proved Himself to them with signs, wonders and miracles.

You’ll hear happy gospel singing and testimonies of the power of God in people’s lives. You’ll hear a presentation straight from the Bible, and even hear the spiritual gifts of tongues, interpretation and prophecy. We pray for the sick and we expect a result. God is moving in Brisbane!

Our Sunday meetings are now held in the Queensland Multicultural Centre in Kangaroo Point. It’s a lovely new venue for us to meet, and you’ll find we even provide activities for your children and teenagers. Revival Centre meetings started in Brisbane in the early 1960s so we’re a long established church you can trust.

If all our claims to a miraculous life are a bit hard for you to accept, then you’re judging God and His son Jesus by the people you’ve met so far. Instead, come along and experience the proof and miraculous evidence that’s available just for YOU.

Don’t miss out!

Pastor Darcy Ryan.


SUNDAY: 1:00pm

AT: Queensland Multicultural Centre Auditorium
102 Main Street, Kangaroo Point QLD (Beneath Story Bridge)

CONTACT: Pastor Darcy Ryan – 0418 190 903

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South Queensland Rally

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07 Oct 2019

South Queensland Rally

Heartbeat, we all have one if we are alive. God gave man seventy or eighty years give or take, free of charge. He told man to have dominion in the world. However, mankind didn’t listen...