Campbelltown Pool Day – Saturday February 23rd, 2019

From 12 noon till 6 pm.

Come to the Campbelltown pool just north of town on the main road on 23rd February and join in the fun and sun with fellowship. Tradition will testify that all those that make the effort never return home ‘void’ of a wonderfully uplifting day.

B.Y.O. barbecue food if you wish or wander into town for some Subway, Banjo’s or the like. There’s also a famed lolly shop not too far away that often receives our patronage.

No doubt there will be a trip to the Zeps Coffee Shop at some stage of the proceedings.

Many locals and tourists flock to C’town this time of the year so there’s plenty of opportunity to outreach ‘to whom you may cross paths with’.

Praise the Lord – hope to see you there!

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