RCI Victoria (BC, Canada) Summer Camp 2017

On behalf of Pastor Paul and Camp Canada Team we are pleased to announce the firm dates and location for our camp. It will be arrival on August 12th and the location is the wild west coast of Canada in http://ucluelet.ca/ and departure on August 19th.

We will plan to have an evening social on the 12th and meetings and unbelievable Canadian West Coast experience and activities all week finishing up on Saturday morning the 19th. We will have an extension to camp back in Victoria BC on the Sunday the 20th.

Pastor Paul is recommending that folks wishing to come to please book their own lodging by going to either http://www.booking.com or http://www.expedia.ca 

There are lots of options available. We do have some lodging options reserved and if you would like to email me at deanrodneylindal@gmail.com. We two rooms that accommodate 6, one that accommodates 2, one that accommodates 4 that we have reserved. Whatsap me on 778 533-0210 if any questions. 

To get to Ucluelet it is an approximate 4 hour drive from Victoria BC. Options would include flying into Vancouver and obtaining a rental car and taking the ferry to Nanaimo and then driving 2.5 hours. Other options would be to fly directly into Victoria. Again please email me with any questions.

This is a true Canadian experience. We are looking forward to some great revival, great fellowship and great fun.



  1. Hi it’s John King here from Australia, I lost the original email from the lady from your Canadian RCI assembly about camp that she sent in December 2016. I just need to know a few things. I will be arriving Victoria B.C Bus station @ 7.20pm on Friday 11.8.17 from Vancouver on the BC Ferries service. Will I be staying overnight at one of the saints place and getting a lift to camp @ Ucluelet? Also is the camp site close to C.N Backpackers @ Ucluelet? I’ll be staying from 12/8 to 18/8 am @ this backpackers. Do you leave from Ucluecet on the Saturday Morning 19/8 or Friday morning 18/8 back to Victoria? If it’s 19/8 I’ll need to book Friday night 18/8 at the same place. John.

    Camp finishes on Sat 19/8 will I be getting a lift via one of the saints back to Victoria on the Saturday by any chance? I’ll be staying in Victoria 19/8 to 21/8 then leaving to go to Vancouver on 22/8.

    John King
    Sydney Revival Centre Spiritfilled Saint

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