Freshwater Creek Retreat

Freshwater Creek Retreat is the Revival Centre Church’s privately owned caravan park located in Freshwater Creek on Anglesea Road on the way to Anglesea.

The caravan park is not open to the public and is only available to church members.

  1. You must have your own accommodation unit, caravan or tent.
    Sleeping in vehicles, apart from proper Campervans, is not permitted.
  2. All persons staying overnight must have booked prior to staying. Children under the age of 18 years must be in care of Parent or Guardian.
  3. “Immediate Family” means parent/s and their dependent children.
  4. “Additional Person” means any other person staying on your site, including non-dependent children and relations.
  5. In the case of groups of 2 or more individuals sharing accommodation, any person in the group who is a wage earner must be the applicant for the site. (Refer to fee charges for Individuals and Groups)
  6. The fee is payable for occupying a site with a unit (ie caravan or tent) irrespective of whether the unit is occupied or not.
  7. To those renting and staying in another members “On Site Unit”: you pay the owner of the unit. No fee is due to the R.C.C. unless you have additional persons staying with you, in which case the additional person fee applies to them. RCC FWC may accept payments from van renters for on forwarding to the relevant unit owner.
  8. Fee must accompany application. Please make cheques or money orders payable to “Revival Centres International Freshwater Retreat”
  9. Any individual under 18 years old and not staying with their parent must complete a Guardian Authorisation and Medical Record Form before coming to camp. If the form is not completed, do not expect to stay at the camp.