Welcome to Revival Centres Church Launceston!

My name is Bruce Williams, and I am the pastor of the Launceston Revival Centre Church in Tasmania. As such, I encourage any folks out there who may be wondering in these times of uncertainty and distress around the world, what is there out there I can actually put my trust in? Well, the answer is simple. The Bible says there is only one God and only one way to come to know God and that is through His Son, Jesus Christ, and the receiving of His Holy Spirit (1 Timothy 2:5). It’s quite a perplexing, soul-searching thought to actually come to find out about knowing the existence of God, but to each and every person, there usually comes this time.

I could add much, much more detail here for you to consider, but really, the only way is to EXPERIENCE the Holy Spirit for yourself and get to MEET Jesus Christ himself via that Holy Spirit. It’s a tangible, very real experience that anyone can have. It only takes a little effort with a genuinely meek attitude and you won’t be let down. “God is not a man that He should lie”. (Numbers 23:19).

We only preach salvation for the common man, and we only preach the one Bible way on how that is achieved. It’s really that simple.  

It’s a great way to live with many blessings and great wisdom for all those who wish to do things God’s way and prosper. Not only in this physical life, but into the eternities with our Father in the Spirit at the end of it all. Indeed, it is the ONLY way to salvation!

God bless and we look forward to meeting you one day in one of our meetings here in Launceston, where we can direct you clearly through all the scriptures you need to read unto salvation.



SUNDAY: 3:00pm

AT: Revival Centre Hall
19 Henry St, Ravenswood TAS

CONTACT: Pastor Bruce Williams – 0419 509 995