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2020 First Communion Second Comments Production Team
CENTRAL – Variations to GB please; Production team to Bryce
5 Jan GB DL  – Lighting –
Sound –
Video –
Other –
12 Jan JL ‡ GB  – Lighting –
Sound –
Video –
Other –
19 Jan JH ‡ SL  – Lighting –
Sound –
Video –
Other –
26 Jan GB g downs FTH:
2 Feb SL a pal MSP: m murray ‡
science: body temperature control
9 Feb SL LM FTH:
16 Feb GB JM MSP: e leckenby ‡
walking in the Spirit
23 Feb CK ‡ GB FTH: -SL
1 Mar SL JH MSP: b vaughan ‡
being a testimony
8 Mar GB JM FTH: -SL, JH
15 Mar SL LM MSP: s shaw ‡
strait is the gate
22 Mar Bruce Williams ‡ SL FTH: -GB
29 Mar SL CK MSP: c kean ‡
prayer keeps you close
5 Apr IP ‡ SL FTH: -GB
12 Apr ? ? EASTER CAMP -GB
19 Apr GB JM FTH:
26 Apr JM LM MSP: [] I never promised you a rose garden -SL, JH
3 May SL CK FTH: -JH
10 May GB MSP: g downs -JH
17 May SL FTH: -CK
24 May LM JH MSP: -CK
31 May GB FTH:
14 Jun SL FTH:
21 Jun GB MSP: -SL
28 Jun BJ? FTH: -SL
5 Jul MSP: -SL
12 Jul FTH: -SL
5 Jul MSP:
12 Jul FTH:
5 Jul MSP:
12 Jul FTH:
19 Jul MSP:
26 Jul FTH:
2 Aug MSP:
9 Aug FTH:
16 Aug MSP:
23 Aug FTH:
30 Aug MSP:
6 Sep FTH:
13 Sep MSP: -GB
20 Sep FTH:
27 Sep MSP:
4 Oct FTH:
11 Oct MSP:
18 Oct FTH:
25 Oct MSP: -SL
1 Nov FTH: -SL
8 Nov MSP:
15 Nov FTH:
22 Nov MSP:
29 Nov FTH:
6 Dec MSP:
13 Dec FTH:
20 Dec
27 Dec
3 Jan
10 Jan
17 Jan
24 Jan
31 Jan



‡ = confirmed
FTH = From the Heart preachers – 7 minutes maximum
MSP = Melbourne Short Presentations – 7 minutes maximum


Notes for Melbourne Short Presso Speakers

Seven minutes (maximum) slot on Sundays at Central

The presso slot is different to the main talk.
It is VISUAL (while the main talk is verbal).
It is TEACHING (while the main talk is more preaching).

Some tips:

* be concrete – have real examples of real things

* watch the colours on your slides
– have good contrast and avoid red text (which is harder for older men to see)
– make them look contemporary, not ancient 1990s ‘death by powerpoint’ – few words, big pictures

* have something visual – not just scriptures on their own – avoid large slabs of scripture – tell the story, and only put up short key scriptures (or parts of scriptures) that illustrate the main point

* better to have the scriptures on your slide than fumble with a Bible/pointer/remote onstage

* Save your presentation to Microsoft Powerpoint 97-2003 (the version at the hall)

* Watch the aspect ratio – its 16:9 – don’t risk putting important points right on the edge of your slide, keep the action nearer the middle

* keep to time. It is 7 minutes maximum (never over, can be under) – 7 minutes are usually very well received
– I have never, ever, had a complaint that the presentation was too short – something to consider…

* don’t put in too many points
– keep it simple and easily grasped
– if you have lots of points, do it over a number of separate talks

* keep it punchy
– it’s at the end of the meeting, people are not as fresh as earlier

GB, DL, Brad V., Chris K., Moss M., Joel M., Stewart S., Joel H., Neil F., Evan L., Graham D., Sam L., Daniel W.