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Talks and Articles


Talks and articles are provided ‘as is’ – no one claims to be infallible!

Use these if you find them helpful.


Funeral Service – DOC
Outline of a funeral service with suggested scriptures – vary as you see fit. In Australia there are no legally required words from the pastor, the legalities are usually undertaken by the funeral director. Your signature may be required as the officiator. Simon Longfield


Eden and the Flood – DOC
Martin Murray (2004)

Gaderenes – DOC
Thoughts on what may have happened at the unclean spirit incident and pigs. Fred Duiker (2004)

Good Shepherds – DOC
Thoughts presented at the 2006 pastors conference. Ian McGregor (2006)

Personal Evangelism – DOC
The importance of personal evangelism. Simon Longfield (1999)


Revelation Chapter 1 – PPT
Introduction to prophecy and to Revelation. Geoff Beggs (2010)

Revelation Chapters 2-3 – PPT
Spiritual history: messages to the Churches. Geoff Beggs (2010)

Revelation Chapters 4-6 – PPT
Spiritual: the vision in heaven. Secular history: opening the seals – first four seals – the four horseman of the apocalypse – the decline of the Roman Empire. Geoff Beggs (2010)

Revelation Chapters 6-7 – PPT
Secular history: seals 5 and 6. Geoff Beggs (2010)

Revelation Chapters 8-9 – PPT
Opening of the seventh seal. Secular history: 7th Seal becomes 7 Trumpets: first four the fall of the Roman Empire in the West, next two the South and East of the empire. Geoff Beggs (2010)

Revelation Chapters 10-11 – PPT
‘Religious’ history: Bible, Reformation. Geoff Beggs (2010)

Revelation Chapters 12-13 – PPT
Israel history: and the counterfeit (two women of Revelation). Geoff Beggs (2010)

Revelation Chapters 14-15 – PPT
Spiritual: Victory of the Martyrs, and why God will judge. Geoff Beggs (2010)

Revelation Chapter 16 – PPT
Secular history: 7th trumpet becomes 7 vials of wrath – judgment on modern Europe. Geoff Beggs (2010)

Revelation Chapters 17-18 – PPT
Identification and judgement of the New Testament Babylon. Geoff Beggs (2010)

Revelation Chapters 19-20 – PPT
Prophecy: Jesus returns – first resurrection, millennium; final judgment. Geoff Beggs (2010)

Revelation Chapters 21-22 – PPT
Prophecy: A new heaven, a new earth; exhortation to hold on. Geoff Beggs (2010)


Archeology Proves the Bible – DOC
Bible events and peoples confirmed in archeology. Martin Murray (2004).


Wedding – Modern – DOC
Modern wedding vows – short. Simon Longfield

Wedding – Modern Extended Vows – DOC
Modern Wedding – extended vows. Simon Longfield

Wedding – Traditional – DOC
Traditional Wedding – short vows. Simon Longfield

Wedding – Traditional Extended Vows – DOC
Traditional Wedding – extended vows. Simon Longfield

Notice of Intended Marriage – PDF
Applies to Australia only. Remember this must be filled out by a celebrant (does not have to be the one doing the marriage) at LEAST 30 days prior to the wedding.