Personal Story: Brandon

Personal Story: Brandon

I never used to believe in God. Like my family and so many other Australian families I didn’t believe in anything and was content not believing in anything. Looking back however, I see that God was there all along and guiding me to a personal relationship with Jesus. An example of this is that all my best friends growing up with at school turned out to be from Christian families. I can remember one time I went to a friend’s house for a sleepover and we were about to all eat dinner together (something that only ever happened with my family at Christmas) and as I was about to shovel food into my mouth, they all asked me to wait as they said a prayer. I was so weirded out by the experience and I even laughed to myself a bit. I would later try to convince my friends that what they believed wasn’t true, while trying to proclaim the way that the universe is truly governed. A way that I completely made up. How ironic…

One day some Christians came to my school and ran “Breakfast clubs” and “Lunch time, with a difference” programs at my school. I was drawn to these initially because of the free food and the people were cool. My other “friends” at school made fun of me for spending time with them, but I told them that they “wouldn’t convert me”. They invited me out on day trips where they would talk about Jesus as they couldn’t do it in the school. At first, I wasn’t interested, but over time something struck me, that they truly loved me, and they loved each other. It says in the bible that “…all man shall know that you are my disciples, by the love you have one for another.” I look back now, and this was the thing that drew me to Christ.

I read the book of Mark in the bible and the sensation I felt was palpable; I knew that this was all real. God created us and everything we see, but we ruined it all! Jesus died for all the shortcomings that we caused and has saved us all from sin and death. As an analytical and logically minded person (I am studying Mathematics and Engineering) I could see that everything around us in nature works so well because it has been designed by our creator. I repented, was baptised in a church that I was placed in and eventually found the Revival Centres where I was filled with the Holy Spirit by myself in my loungeroom. I am so blessed to have had so many Christian friends and mentors along my journey.

Before coming to God, I was an extremely angry and violent person. I used to initiate fights at my school and was suspended several times for my violent outbursts. I used to get counselling, but it didn’t help. It is because I didn’t know (as the bible says) the “Wonderful Counsellor.” The Lord has completely changed my life and has blessed me in an innumerable number of ways. I have never had another violent outburst since being filled with the Holy Spirit, nor will I ever again. God has redeemed me and saved my soul, and He can save yours too!


Brandon – Melbourne Revival Church


The Melbourne assembly in Australia began just after World War 2. It is the headquarters for the Revival Centres Church globally. It is composed of three centres: Central (in Box Hill), Southern (in Mt Eliza) and Western (in Williamstown).

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  1. Thomas O.Raheem : September 10, 2020 at 4:50 pm

    This is a wonderful testimony to the wonder working power of the Living God to change and transforms those that believe and trust Him.To God be the glory for ever and ever in Jesus Amen

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