Personal Story: Rhonda

I met my husband and we married young, we had three children and were very happy.  When I was 32 I had a stroke and went into a coma for ten days.  When I woke up my right arm and leg were paralysed, I had palsy of the face and I couldn’t speak.  I ended up in a wheelchair and became very angry and frustrated with my life.  After having the stroke for ten years my husband left me and the children and when I turned 50 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had this removed also.  I went to TAFE for 14 years after the stroke to learn to speak again.  The TAFE teachers told me to ‘fight Rhonda fight’ so I did so I could say some words as I could only put a few words together to communicate.

I volunteer at the local stroke rehabilitation centre and met a lady at the hospital who was telling me about the Revival Church, the Holy Spirit experience and Jesus.  She invited me to the church meeting and when I heard someone speaking in tongues it surprised me as I didn’t know what it was.  It was explained to me that it was the evidence of having the Holy Spirit.  After a month I decided to get baptised in water and wanted the Holy Spirit for myself.

I had prayer at home and I spoke in tongues.  It felt beautiful and I knew that I had a new life.  I told my family and they were shocked but very happy for me as they could see I had found something wonderful.  I used to swear and smoke and used to get very angry and frustrated and I had no patience because of the stroke.  That has all changed now as I have the Lord in my life and feel peaceful.

The Lord has given me another family, a hope and the ability to pray in tongues which brings me closer to God.  My speech is getting better and stronger every day and I thank the Lord for my new life.

Rhonda Ross – Newcastle Revival Church


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