Personal Story: Sim

Personal Story: Sim

I grew up attending this church, but it wasn’t until I grew a little bit older did, I realise it wasn’t about where I went on a Sunday; it was about my relationship with God. I knew I had a relationship with God the moment I was filled with the Holy Spirit.

I was 10 when I asked God for the Holy Spirit. I spoke out in tongues and I knew what had happened to me. A little while after this experience I was baptised by full immersion as the bible states in the book of Acts. I am now 30 and have a family of my own.

The situation in which I find myself is that I have a very comfortable life at present. However, I know that life happens, and we are all dealt a hand of cards. It doesn’t matter what happens in my life from this point as I know the creator.

His promise isn’t that life will continue to be comfortable for me, but that my soul is saved, and for that I am blessed by God. If I continue to pray and draw close God, invest in that relationship, God is able to mold me to be like him. I am grateful this church preaches how we can all have this connection and grow close to God. The moment I had my daughter I felt like this was a glimpse of how much God loves me. I want others to know and feel this love.

I am thankful I can share this with people around me. By no means do I think I know and understand the love of God yet, I believe this is something I will continue to understand as I grow older.


Sim – Newcastle Revival Church


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