Age of miracles

Age of miracles

Jesus’ first two miracles set the scene for His purpose.

In each case He appears reluctant: but only so that He can make us pause and realise that the miracle was speaking of a time that was not yet. He would first go through His ministry, be crucified, rise from the dead and then pour out the Holy Spirit – the fulfilment of His first two miracles.

The miracles that Jesus first performed looked forward to the time of which He said his followers would be involved in: “greater works than these”.

Religious theatrics should be avoided as they are a very poor substitute for the reality of people being filled with the Holy Spirit.

Experience the two deepest miracles promised in the Bible. The Age of Miracles is right here with us today.

Talk given: 4 October 2015.


Pastor Geoff Beggs is a Melbourne pastor. He has formerly pastored in Canberra, Shepparton and Coffs Harbour. He has undertaken mission work in Papua New Guinea. He is married with four (adult) children.

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