New York, London, Ankara, Beirut, Paris… Jerusalem?

How do we react to atrocities like the attacks in Paris a couple of days ago? Are we foreign policy experts?

It’s easy, too easy, to talk tough: to say we are “in a war” (no, we’re not); to say we are being overrun (no, we’re not); to point out difference; to tar the innocent with the shame of the guilty, because in our feeble understanding they seem the same to us. We conflate the issues. And we perpetuate the problem.

Time for us to take on our role: ambassadors for Christ; harbingers of glory to come; vanguard of the coming kingdom.

Talk given: 15 November 2015.


Pastor Geoff Beggs is a Melbourne pastor. He has formerly pastored in Canberra, Shepparton and Coffs Harbour. He has undertaken mission work in Papua New Guinea. He is married with four (adult) children.

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