May 2017
Receiving the Holy Spirit

Have you seen the footage of people who have had a cochlear implant hear for the first time? Or when someone first puts on glasses that corrects their colour-blindness? These are moments filled with joy, amazement, shock, excitement – they are life changing. These moments are just the same as when you receive the Holy Spirit. It is a moment in time, a real encounter. The life-changing realisation that God is there. It’s not just a warm-fuzzy feeling – it is an experience that can be seen and heard, just like what happened in......

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Mar 2016
The Day Of Pentecost

Was the Day of Pentecost a once-off curiosity, or something more? The Day of Pentecost was a pivotal moment in history, prophesied throughout the Bible. It is the day everything changed. You can have the same experience as the people did on that day 2000 years ago. “Tarry here until you receive power from on high” (Luke 24:49). Talk given: Biennial Conference, 14th March 2016...

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