Jun 2017
The Soul Exchangers (revisited)

When your soul is required of you, what will your life have meant? Will you be like the rich man who dedicated his life to filling his barns, or will you have dedicated your life to something greater? Jesus asks us the question: What are you prepared to dedicate your life to in exchange for your soul? Talk given: 18 June 2017...

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Aug 2015
Brave enough

We are to be ready for battle, stand up for Christian values, earnestly contend for the faith. We have Christ’s courage through the Holy Spirit to help us to get through the battle. Talk given: 24 May 2015....

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May 2015

If we consider Paul as a role model: he wasn’t looking at his circumstances; he was engaged with the Father, having a Godly perspective. If we put the Lord first, others second and ourselves last and have correct priorities, we will find true happiness. Talk given: 29 March 2015....

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