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Jan 2020
Precise Freshwater Creek Christmas Camp

A great time of fellowship was had at our annual Freshwater Creek Christmas Camp, located just out of Geelong in Victoria, as we said goodbye to yet another year and welcomed 2020.  The Aussie summer heat that enveloped the days was relentless, however the pool served the young kids well, and the cold drinks fridge provided great relief for the rest of us. The Monday brought upon us an extreme fire risk situation; however, we were all prepared escaping early to ice-cold cinemas, shops and to the beach for the day. Most......

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Oct 2012
Christians and sin

Have you ever heard statements like: ‘if he is a Christian then I don’t want to be one’ or ‘why do they do that if they are Christian’? Or you may have heard nice-sounding statements like ‘Christians are not perfect just forgiven’ or ‘Christians are only human’. The Bible provides clarity: so you also must consider yourselves dead to sin and alive to God in Christ Jesus1. We are no longer under the law but under grace2, and must not continue to sin. Under the Old Testament covenant mankind failed to stop......

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