Tag: drugs

Aug 2016
Personal Story: Glenn

Having left home when I was 16 years old, I managed to get involved in just about everything that was not wholesome and sound and by the time I got to 18 I was a drug dealer and became ill as a result of my drug habits. This turned out to be life threatening. I was given at that time 3 months to live. I returned home to be cared for by my parents. Being the kind of people they were, they tried what they could to help me and took me......

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Nov 2015
Personal Story: Craig

I was an average guy, I smoked, drank, took drugs and partied with my friends. I was happy doing these things. I went on a blind date I went on a blind date and the girl had recently received the Holy Spirit herself with the evidence of speaking in tongues. She spent the whole date telling me what the Bible said I must do to be right with God. I could see it clearly in the Bible and didn’t argue. I repented of my way and was baptised under the water… and......

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Nov 2011
Personal Story: Konrad

I grew up in Poland where everybody is a Catholic. As a child I was very God-conscious and I often prayed to Him. I remember trying to establish a personal relationship with the Lord by going to church, however it didn’t work very well. I was disappointed when nothing happened” During my teenage years I  tried again to get close to the Lord. It was during confirmation in church when I expected something spiritual to occur, but I was disappointed because nothing happened. After this experience I became more and more skeptical about......

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