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Sep 2020
Malawi and Kenya Report

Three days ago, Pastor Nelson with some of his senior pastors travelled to the northern regions of Malawi. Our salvation is in the glorious Gospel with signs following ministry. My dear brothers and sisters what a wonderful message we have been given by our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. We belong to a wonderful fellowship with sound doctrine. We are living in unprecedented times; you can imagine the situation in Africa. We are also dealing with a very disruptive situation in Nairobi Kenya, where our pastors are being threatened and our meeting......

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Dec 2012
Helpers of our joy

  The Apostle Paul reminded the members of the Corinthian Church that those with authority were not there to be overbearing or manipulative, but rather to be “… helpers of your joy: for by faith ye stand” (2 Corinthians 1:24). All encouragement, correction and instruction in the Church is aimed to this end. We see that each of us has a contribution to make towards the wellbeing of our fellow members in the Church. It is not the responsibility of only those in official positions in the Church to be ‘helpers of......

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