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Dec 2015
Prophecy and God's Plan

We believe that Bible Prophecy describes God’s plan for this world, and gives signs of the soon return of Jesus Christ Prophecy Looking around the world today we see selfless acts for others, beauty, the arts, amazing progress in science and technology, and countless people just getting on with their lives doing good where they can. But we also see misery, injustice, pollution, betrayal, theft, killing and war. It seems we have this wonderful capacity to shine, while at the same time living with a shadow on our souls. This plays out......

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Jun 1988
The Throne of David and Return of Christ

The Throne of David and Return of Christ (pdf, opens in new tab). “As soon as one starts to examine the subject of the Throne of David, it becomes apparent that there is also involved another great Bible prophecy subject, the Return of our Lord Jesus Christ.” The book shown in the above PDF, by the late Colonel John Durrant, examines the intertwining prophecies of the One who was born to be King, and His soon return. Written in 1988, it contains some interpretations overtaken by events, but the fundamental message is......

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