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Apr 2020
Personal Story: Edward

My name is Edward Petersen. When I was quite young, around 9 years old, I was going to Sunday school at an Anglican Church that my mum was attending. After the meeting one week my mum asked me if I liked going, to which I said that it was boring, and no one seemed happy to be there; she told me that she felt the same and we never went again. About 4 years later my mum met the parents of one of my sister’s classmates and they told her all about......

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Jun 2003
Wisdom from the Preaching of the Word of God

Wisdom from the Preaching of the Word of God (pdf, opens in new tab) Collection of articles in the above PDF from talks given between 1999 and 2003. They are full of encouragement and advice about how to live the Spirit-filled life, and also stress the importance of God’s Word and the need to understand and “believe all that the prophets have spoken”....

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