Personal Story: Celia

Personal Story: Celia

My father was a Presbyterian minister so I grew up going to church, and believing that God existed, but I never saw him do anything, or answer anybody’s prayer, and it seemed to me that He was far away, and that I did not know Him. In my teenage years I rebelled against pretty much everything, and when even my most desperate prayers weren’t answered I gave up on God as well.

I succeeded in making a mess of my life

I succeeded in making a mess of my life, mainly by following all those things that seem like fun, parties, alcohol, etc. I realised that there was nothing in those things.

He said how he knew that God was real

Then a very good friend of mine, a fellow party animal, changed completely when he was baptized by full immersion in water and received the Holy Spirit the way the Bible talks about. He told me how he could speak in tongues and that he now knew God was real and that God still healed people today.

I was very cynical, but the change in him was powerful and undeniably miraculous. I felt I had to try this myself, and I did by getting baptised and also receiving the Holy Spirit. And that was the moment I found out for myself that God is real!

I lead the kind of life I used to dream about

It has been the most wonderful and amazing thing that has happened to me in my life, and continues to be a fulfilling and meaningful experience. God took away my vices and has allowed me to be the kind of person, and lead the kind of life, I used to dream about.

I was in a bad car accident and my injuries were a broken pelvis in three places. The doctors said it would be six months for me to be back to normal, and I was healed in an instant just five days after the accident! After marrying I was also unable to have children with two different conditions preventing it, but after prayer I was completely and totally healed and we have four children now.

The car after Celia’s accident

I can’t recommend this experience enough, knowing God is real and having a connection to him is incredible. Having a real hope and future is why I praise God.

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