Aug 2016
Scotts Head Camp

Scotts Head Surf Camp 2016 held in this beautiful seaside village perfect for a holiday. Only a few came this year from NSW and QLD who enjoyed some excellent surf, beach, fishing and get togethers. Relax and have fun seemed to be the standard. Our Sunday meeting was awesome, the preacher (don’t you love preaching) exemplified the communion of the body of Christ given for sacrifice delivering us from our sin and its consequences by the will of God. it’s over, see you next year…...

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Mar 2016
Personal Story: Bruce

My testimony began in 1989 when I found myself at a meeting after making a commitment to my wife and children that I would go with them if it was raining and would not play golf, as was my usual thing to do on Sundays. My wife, who had become Spirit-filled 12 months before, was taking our four children to meetings in Launceston, about 50 km away from where we were living. I had been to some church activities before and met the people and noticed there was a conviction that I......

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