We have been faithfully representing the whole Word of God in Warrnambool for over fifty years. Initially led by Pastor Les Capon and now under my care; the focus of the church has always been to inform people of the bible pattern for personal salvation, and to assist people in growing and enjoying their life in the church and with the Lord.

All church members have been baptised by full immersion in water and have received the Holy Spirit, with the bible evidence of speaking in tongues – the miraculous prayer language that God provides. This cornerstone experience is the basis for continuing growth which enhances every part of our personal, family, professional and community lives.

We really enjoy having visitors to our meetings, camps and social events. So come along to learn a completely relevant God, who gave his son Jesus so that we could know Him by the Holy Spirit, can be in your life. This year is your revival year!

Pr Neville Vick.


SUNDAY: 11:00am

AT: Revival Centre Hall,
44 Botanic Rd, Warrnambool VIC

CONTACT: Pastor Neville Vick – 0414 692 810