Assembly one liners

I was blown away by the change in my friend after he became filled with the Holy Spirit – Michelle
I now have an anchor for my soul, salvation and peace. – Per
Because I wanted to know him more – Dave
I didn’t find God, he found me – Terry
When I was baptised I came up feeling so refreshed it was great – James
God helped me see life in a brighter light – Anna
I don’t know where I’d be without God to help me through school – Timothy
When I received the Holy Spirit I saw the light – Bev
I didn’t believe there was a God – Doug
I was told that I could have new life by turning to Jesus – Aileen
I was healed of varicose veins – Mike
My life of misery and sickness was changed – Lyn
I changed from just being a Sunday Christian to living everyday for the Lord – Alison
God softened my hard heart – Peg
The Bible suddenly made sense to me – Kate
My life changed and the peace of God came into my life – Kerry

see ya, Pr Bruce


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