Personal Story: Brady

Personal Story: Brady

My parents met in the Revival Centres Church in Brisbane, so I grew up with the privilege of being surrounded by spirit-filled christians. My childhood was spent going to Sunday School every week, learning all about Jesus and how He died and rose again for us and being taught that in order to obtain salvation, I needed to receive God’s Holy Spirit.

I used to spend time both with my parents and with friends at church praying; asking God to give me the Holy Spirit, and on the 10th of April 2005, I finally did. I was praying to the Lord when suddenly I spoke out in a new language that I had never learned before! I was speaking in tongues, just as Jesus’ disciples did in the Book of Acts; the evidence of receiving the Holy Spirit.

Three days later, I was baptised in water by full immersion as the bible instructs, and I began my new life with God.

God has thoroughly blessed my life, pulling me through rough situations, filling my life with joy, peace and love even when there should be none to be found. I cannot thank the Lord enough for His countless mercies, and for the assurance that His Holy Spirit has given me in knowing that through Him, I am saved.


Brady – Brisbane Revival Church


The Brisbane Assembly has been around since the early 1970s.

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