Personal Story: Brigitte

Personal Story: Brigitte

I grew up in country NSW with rugged and beautiful scenery. I loved looking at nature which I believed was created by God. When I saw plants and insects under a microscope, I was in awe of God.
As a child, I went to church to get to know God and Jesus. I prayed to God and Jesus. I read my Bible. As I got older, I attended different churches and became confused. What I saw and heard was often contradictory and people’s opinions often replace Gods’ Word. I felt nature was all we could experience of God, and when we die, we would then meet God and Jesus.

My yearning continued as I drifted from one church to another, then yoga etc. to find a deeper meaning to life but life only got more confusing and empty. I had a good life, but an ’empty hole’ gnawed inside me that no amount of worldly happiness or religion could fill. In 1985 my life hit a deep place. I felt very alone, but had a deep longing for God. My inner being cried out to God.

Strangely, people began to cross my path, one-by-one. They all spoke about a God they knew personally. I could see they knew their God; it was more than just their words. These people were from one church, Revival Centres International, Melbourne. They all said the same thing – to know God, I should repent (turn away from my own ways and submit to God’s ways), that is surrender to God.

When I did this, I felt a burden had been lifted from me.
I confessed Jesus died for my sins and rose again and I was baptized in water. Baptism symbolises the ‘death and burial’ of my ‘old sinful self’ and being ‘born again as a brand new person. I was told I should expect to receive the Holy Spirit as proof God had accepted me into His family. The Bible evidence of this is to speak in an unlearned God-given language we cannot understand. The Bible calls this ‘speaking in tongues’. In January 1986, I spoke in such a language which I knew was from God – I was filled with God’s Holy Spirit! Now, for the fist time in my life, with the Holy Spirit, I could understand God’s Word, the Holy Bible.

Since that memorable day in 1986, my life revolves around God, my anchor, Jesus Christ my Saviour and mediator, and the Holy Spirit – my Comforter, who steers my life. All God’s abundance is now ‘MY LOT IN LIFE’ and life can’t get any better than that. Amen.
Brigitte Lyons, April 2014.


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