Personal Story: Carl

Personal Story: Carl

I used to be of the opinion that religious people were weak and insipid. My own philosophy was to enjoy all that life had to offer without thinking too much about the consequences.

In time my attitudes began to change, and I started to take an interest in the Bible and its message of salvation through Jesus Christ. I began to visit a multitude of church denominations, asking questions and seeking advice on how to live the Christian life, but realised after about a year that living a Christian life was an impossibility.

Soon after this I heard the truth of the gospel from two young men from the Revival Centre Church in Liverpool. They told me that I could have a tangible experience with the living God. I was shown in the Bible the command to repent (a change of heart and direction), be baptised (immersed in water) and receive the gift of the Holy Spirit (Acts 2v38). I was told that upon receiving the Holy Spirit, I would immediately speak in tongues, (Acts 2v1-4; Acts 10v44-46; Mark 16v17-18).

At first I resisted, being argumentative, but eventually I accepted. I went along to a meeting, repented of my sin and received the gift of the Holy Spirit with the Bible evidence of speaking in tongues. I was baptised (by full immersion in water) shortly afterwards. I praise God for His truth and salvation.


About four years after this wonderful experience of salvation, I experienced the healing power of God when He healed my body of Graves Disease.


Carl – Olney Revival Church, UK


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