Personal Story: Ewa

Personal Story: Ewa

My name is Ewa and I grew up in a catholic family where we followed all the traditions. I always loved going to church, but even though I was praying to God daily, I knew that I didn’t really know Him. During a difficult time in my life I started praying even more, but God didn’t answer me, so I started reading many religious books and also the Bible, which I didn’t understand. I asked God to show me how to be right with Him, because I knew that I didn’t live a righteous life.

One day my cousin Liliana told me about the Revival Centres Church and invited me to a meeting. I went there not expecting much, but during the meeting I knew that this was the right way for me. After the meeting I spoke to the Pastor. He didn’t condemn me for all the things I wasn’t doing right, but simply asked me if I wanted to be baptised.

Two weeks later, on the 17th March 2021, I was baptised in a bathtub and straight afterwards I received the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues. I felt incredibly happy. I felt like I had won one million Zloty in the lottery.

Since I have received the Holy Spirit I feel a new strength and courage in me. It has been a big change because I used to be a very fearful person but I am no longer fearful. Also, my surroundings have changed; I can see positive changes in my family and at my work.

Now my biggest goal in life is to be with the Lord when He returns and I am learning more and more what God expects of me. He shows it to me through the Bible, the talks at the meeting and through His church.

My lottery jackpot is that I can finally call the Lord my friend and that I now know Him personally.

Ewa – Poland


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