Personal Story: James Daley

Personal Story: James Daley

James’ story

I was brought up in a christian family from a child. My parents regularly attended the Revival Church in Coffs Harbour, which meant I had a firm understanding of the Bible from a young age. I transitioned from homeschool to a public high school with a strong grounding in the Word of God, which helped me make a stand to other kids my age. I also experienced the healing power of God. I prayed at a mid week meeting with other spirit filled people and I was completely healed of a skin condition on my toes.

After my older brother and sister received the Holy Spirit with the Bible evidence of speaking in tongues, I felt the desire to also receive this gift from God. After some time, I was praying in my room for the Holy Spirit, I heard my tongue change and quickly told my parents. I knew I had the Holy spirit as I spoke in another language. Very soon after I was baptised by full immersion.

Since that time I have God supporting me through the ups and downs of growing up and eventually moving from Coffs Harbour to Newcastle. Having God there to call on at any time and knowing he is with me all the time is a great comfort to have.

I am able to have hope for the future, despite what is happening in the world around me, and look forward to the day He returns for His saints.




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