Personal Story: Peter

Personal Story: Peter

Hi, I’m Peter. I come from Tyrol and have been a musician for most of my
life. However, I’ve always felt that there must be something more important
in life than having a career or looking good in the eyes of people.

Before I came to God, I was a very lazy and selfish person who always
had to do his own thing.

In 2019 I started reading the Bible and tried to find analytical evidence of
what happened in the Bible. A band colleague of mine said something
about this that I have not forgotten to this day. He said: “One day you’ll go
to heaven for this.” It kind of “clicked” in me and I thought to myself: “To
heaven, that’s where I really want to go”.

Sometime later, the same colleague told me that a friend of ours believed
in God. I decided to call her and tell her that I too believe in God and study
the Bible. This friend belongs to Revival Centres Church in South Tyrol.
She was very patient with me because I didn’t understand the Bible at the
time and I was very difficult to teach at first. She showed me the relevant
scriptures in the Bible and she told me to pray to God and ask Him to give
me the Holy Spirit. I did this repeatedly for the next two to three months.

On April 2nd, 2021, after watching “The Passion of the Christ” and being
totally devastated to realise what Jesus had to endure for us, I prayed
more fervently than usual for the Holy Spirit. Before I had spoken ten
words, I suddenly spoke in a different language and it was as if I couldn’t
speak a word of German anymore, even if I wanted to continue praying in
German. Looking back, I know that in that moment I became a new person
in Christ and I thank our great, gracious God for that.

A short time later I was baptised by full immersion in the church in South
Tyrol. The Lord changed me through His Holy Spirit and since then has
healed a few people around me. But the greatest gift is that God did not
spare His own Son so that everyone who wants to follow Jesus and live
according to God’s will can be saved. 

After some time I realised that in order to grow in the Lord I needed to live
closer to an assembly, so I decided to move to Poland. It is amazing to see
how the Lord blessed my move and provides for all my needs in a new

Jesus lives, He loves you, dear reader, and He wants to save you too if
you don’t belong to Him yet. Decide for eternal life, decide for Jesus!
Repent, be baptised and receive the Holy Spirit! (Acts 2:38)

Peter – Tyrol, Austria


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