Personal Story: Rita

Rita’s story

I had tried many churches in my life and after seeing much hypocrisy, I became an unbeliever.

After an earthquake hit Newcastle I sat outside and wondered, “if there was a God then the bible was his word”. I knew the bible said that God would return when these things were happening.

Not long after, people living nearby told me that they knew God as they had an experience with him. I was sceptical, but had watched their testimony for months and saw clean living people with a joy and peace.

After a few days I decided to go and ask them to prove to me that there was a God.

I attended my first Revival Centre Church meeting in January 1990, and heard things that pricked my heart. Only God knew my heart and was showing me the truth. I had prayer and started to stammer in tongues.  I went home and continued to pray to make sure I was about my experience. I had received the Holy Spirit as my tongue was clear and I knew inside that he was true and that he would teach me more.  It was clear to me that I needed to be baptised by full immersion as it was written in the scriptures. Later that night I was baptised and I had such a wonderful peace finally knowing I was right with God, and would meet him when he returned.

After I received the Holy Spirit I was healed of many afflictions I had suffered with for many years such as smoking, drinking and a bad back. My life changed in many ways as I desired to fellowship and learn more of him.  My children received the Holy Spirit and I also saw my son, after we prayed, completely healed from God from a serious burn.

God has taught me, guided me, provided my needs, I met my husband who also had a desire to be about the Lords work.  I am able to trust in God in all situations I go through and pray for things that I no control over. I have comfort in times of distress, guidance and peace and can always find the answers in his word and be led of him.

Rita Salafia – Newcastle Revival Church


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