Personal Story: Robyn Ulhorn

Personal Story: Robyn Ulhorn
Robyn’s story
I left a mainline church in my early twenties as I couldn’t get answers to my questions. I still believed in God but I did not know God.
In 1977 I received the Holy Spirit with the bible evidence of speaking in tongues. This is when I knew God was alive and dwelling  inside me . Also this was my personal prayer language direct to God.
According to scripture I had to be baptised in water by full immersion. As I had a fear of going under water this did not happen until several months later.
“After I was baptised, I knew I was right with God.”
Over the years I have had many blessings, healings and provisions. Nearly ten years ago I survived a stroke and made a miraculous recovery and was left with no side effects. I have many other healings, including healing from food allergies and phobias.
If I keep praying and following the Lord as I am told in the bible, I have the hope of eternal life.

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