Personal Story: Roxie

Personal Story: Roxie

My name is Roxie and I was taken to church meetings as a child aged four. At age eight, I started to think about life and wondered what was the point of life to just live day-by-day for what purpose? I asked this question of my parents and other adults and was never satisfied or eased by the answer and still remained anxious.

I knew that people from our church had received something special from God and so I started to have prayer and seek for the Holy Spirit for myself. At a midweek meeting I was having prayer to receive and at age eight, I spoke in a new tongue (language) and was baptised the following Sunday. I felt instantly relieved and at peace.

Though I did not fully comprehend the depths of what I received and the details of the plan and purpose of what God had in store, I was now no longer worried about the future or what the point of life was.

I am now 29 and I feel very blessed that the Lord gave me the Holy Spirit, a knowledge of Him and a truth to depend on through my upbringing. Though I have received blessings and healings throughout my life and am blessed also to have a Spirit-filled husband and two children, I feel that the gift God gave me at age eight is the biggest and most precious miracle of my life.


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