Taking God’s Message To This World (Poem)


A poem from RCI Olney:

Upon my mind is the clear vision to go into the field,
To speak with those of darkened hearts to see if they will yield,
To the Words of life Eternal if they will but receive,
And take of God’s salvation, if they will but believe.

Awake Oh my soul to the horn and to its command,
‘Tis the dawning of an age, where the old one cannot stand,
For the fields are full to harvest and the fruit of it still calls,
To the horn-blower in the tower, it is given, it is yours.

Do not think or ponder upon the greatness of this plight,
For Jesus yoke is easy and his burden it is light,
And the power He has given will enable us to be,
The horn-blower in the tower with the Word to make men free.

Repent and be baptised as the Word of God commands,
Recieve the Holy Spirit and immediately speak in tongues,
For this is the message that we are called to bring,
As horn-blowers in the tower, for Jesus Christ our King.


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