This is the standard template for a news story. News stories appear on specific pages used throughout the site. They also appear on your assembly page if you have one. The first paragraph must be an overview of the news article content (but not a summary)


The news post title is the big bold headline above the image. It’s like a newspaper headline. It’s short, punchy, newsworthy and engaging. It has NO unnecessary words (be ruthless). Unless essential to the news story, it doesn’t have your assembly name in it (because that will show lower down in the post, as the author).


The content is about 200 to 300 words at most. It is about NEWS – that means it is about something that has ALREADY happened. It’s not promoting some future event (there are other places for that).

It doesn’t use Revival Centres jargon – it uses clear and direct language that someone who doesn’t know anything about us could understand.

If possible, you have already got one other person to read it to make sure the grammar is good and sentences are crisp.

Featured Image

It has a Featured Image added that is 800×400 pixels, with something good in the middle of the picture (because the image will be used in other places, cut differently).

Other Pictures

It may have more photos (good if you can) added to the story. Try to keep it to five images at the most. Each one of these will be 800 pixels wide, but may be of differing lengths.

Each image will have a caption, created by using the “Add Media” button when creating the post. Alignment is set to “none”, the alt text describes the photo; the caption will show on the post; the link will be set to “None” and the size will be set to “full” (because you have already made it an 800 wide image).

A platter of food.

When you add a caption during “Add Media” this is where it appears.

Style Guide

If writing a number under ten, write the number out as words, e.g. “there were eight young people in each boat”.

If writing a date, write it like this: “21 February” or “21 February 2016” (if the year is really needed). Don’t say “21st February”.

Although this post has internal headings, you won’t need them – your story will be short enough.

It has no tags added. If we decide, we may add tags to it later.

Don’t sign it off as yourself – there is no need to finish it like it is a letter. You are writing on behalf of the Assembly you are in, not on behalf of yourself. Your assembly name will already be showing as the author of the news story.


The Revival Centres Church was established after World War 2 in Australia, and has since grown into having assemblies around the world. We believe God is still answering people directly and personally today.

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