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wrecked car

This is the standard template for a testimony. The testimonies appear on specific pages used throughout the site. They also appear on your assembly page if you have one.


The title of every testimony is in this format: “Personal Story: Name” – for example: “Personal Story: Veronica”. No surnames are used.


The content is about 200 to 400 words at most. It is a testimony, it is the personal story of someone in their own words (but edited for grammar and style). It’s not promoting any doctrinal view (there are other places for that). The assembly name is not needed because it will show as the Author of the post.

As best we can, it doesn’t use Revival Centres jargon – it uses clear and direct language that someone who doesn’t know anything about us could understand.

Featured Image

It has a Featured Image added that is 800×400 pixels, with the person’s face in the middle of the picture and some space in the photo around the face (because the image will be used in other places, cut differently). This means you should take your photo in landscape mode, so you have plenty of image on the left and right of the face.

Other Pictures

It may have more photos that specifically illustrate something relevant to the testimony (eg car crash picture, x-ray) but only if necessary and only one or two at the most. Each one of these will be up to 800 pixels wide, but may be smaller widths. The length can also differ. If the image is smaller than 800, it will need to be centred.

Each image will have a caption, created by using the “Add Media” button when creating the post. Alignment is set to “none” (unless the image is smaller than 800, in which case it is set to Center), the alt text describes the photo; the caption will show on the post; the link will be set to “None” and the size will be set to “full” (because you have already made it the width up to 800 you want).

wrecked car

This the caption that describes the above picture – note that the caption does not end in a full stop


Add one to three direct quotes out of the text of the testimony. The quote is to be made first (i.e. before it is used in the story). For example:

when I was in the drug den I thought I was going to die…

I spent a lot of time avoiding the police, but when I was in the drug den I thought I was going to die, or at least be locked up. Then… (etc).

The above quote is made using the <blockquote>text</blockquote> codes. See your detailed instructions. When putting text in, do not use any quote marks. The large double-quotes at the start are inserted by the blockquote code itself, and there is no trailing quote – it’s a style/presentation thing.


Style Guide

If writing a number under ten, write the number out as words, e.g. “I lived in the drug den for eight years”.

If writing a date, write it like this: “21 February” or “21 February 2016” (if the year is really needed). Don’t say “21st February”. In general, speak in months or years. Try to avoid “It was 17 years ago that I first heard…” (because that will date the post). Rather, say “In 1998 I…”.

Although this post has internal headings, you won’t need them – your story will be short enough.

It has no tags added. If you think the testimony relates to an EXISTING tag, you may choose it. Don’t create new tags. We will do that if necessary.


The Revival Centres Church was established after World War 2 in Australia, and has since grown into having assemblies around the world. We believe God is still answering people directly and personally today.

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