Personal Story: Edward

Personal Story: Edward

I was challenged one day about my beliefs in a mainline religion. My arguments seemed flawed. I was shown that when people received the Holy Spirit there was an accompanying sign of speaking in tongues.

Out of curiosity I went along to see and hear speaking in tongues. Many questions were answered not by opinions or tenets but by direct Bible verses.

I was baptised that day and received the Holy Spirit five days later with the bible evidence of speaking in tongues.

I was instantly healed of alcoholism…

I was instantly healed of alcoholism, a joy and peace came over me I had not known before.

Since then I have been healed of debilitating migraine headaches; had an exceptionally quick recovery from two shoulder reconstructions; in the company of several witnesses had crushed fingers miraculously healed before our eyes; and several kidney stones miraculously disappeared without having to pass them.

These are just some of the things of a long list God has answered in my life.

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