Personal Story: Kim

Personal Story: Kim

I received God’s Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues, when I was six years old.

I suddenly had this amazing insight

I suddenly had this amazing insight, power, gifts and Spiritual prayer language, in which I could pray to God and rely on, that have been with me ever since. I was also baptised by full immersion in water, just as described in the Bible, which is symbolic of the death of old self and a new life in God.

Since receiving the Holy Spirit and being baptised, I have had a blessed life taking hold of and realizing what God provides. All my prayers have been answered and I know that God is directly working in my life every day. I do not need to worry about anything as God provides everything I need, even before I ask or know what is required! I have seen and heard about many miraculous healings occurring in people’s lives, from drug dependency, cancer to multiple sclerosis. I have found that when people truly seek God and trust Him completely, all sickness leaves and life is happy and peaceful.

when I was 14 my mother thought I might die from anorexia

I personally experienced anorexia when I was 14 years old and was at least 20 kilograms underweight. My mother thought I might die. Through prayer to God I was miraculously delivered from this disease without any other intervention. God worked on and changed my mind, so that I realised what great health, happiness and contentment He provides. As a result of the anorexia I also experienced chronic fatigue, endometriosis, pain, cysts and allergies, however God healed me of all this too, and migraines! Let’s just say I’ve been healed of a lot and healed by God alone! I am now very well with lots of energy.

My family, personal and business lives have been happy and satisfying. God gives enjoyment and gives all things good to enjoy. Whenever there is a problem God is the one I turn too and the problem is solved in the best way that could not be thought possible.

after prayer my daughter is healthy and allergy free

My husband and daughter have also received the Holy Spirit and experience God working in their lives. Probably still as a result of my earlier illness, my daughter, who was miraculously born, also had terrible allergies and digestive problems early in her life. However, after prayer, now she too is a healthy, allergy free, happy girl enjoying everything. God has replaced fear with hope, pain with joy, doubt with assurance and want with total satisfaction and love.

Although there have been times of need, the healings experienced I know are for a testimony of what God completely does. They have made me appreciate what God actions and who I am in God. God is my great physician and the source of my wholeness, joy and peace through life, revealing more truth and wisdom everyday. It is a joy and peace unparalleled and better felt than told! Knowing God personally, His plan and the eternal future with Him, in His Kingdom on Earth, is just THE BEST! Thanks and Praise to Him.

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The Revival Centres Church was established after World War 2 in Australia, and has since grown into having assemblies around the world. We believe God is still answering people directly and personally today.

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