Personal Story: Pastor Fred Wade


Hi my name is Fred Wade.
My Story how my life changed from despair to absolute Joy with a great outlook on life is that I was once addicted to drugs , alcohol , cigarettes and had no concern about immoral behaviour .
I had in my teens tried to look for God but all I could see in Religion was double standards and outrageous difference to what was written in scripture
I was told at the age of 31 that the Lord through his word had a simple answer to mine, and the worlds problems
This lady told me to turn back to God in full repentance and to be baptised right under the water in baptism as an act of obedience to God and he would fill me with the miracle of been filled and thrilled with his Holy Spirit , speaking in a brand new prayer language , (God given) Tongues
I did this and the immediate result was that all my addictions and past behaviour left as completely as if it were another person had been doing those things . It was replaced with A wonderful Joy and Peace
The Lord has given me a complete confidence in his word and has given me direction in life with a stability and a reassuring understanding of my salvation , I am now 65 and loving life
I can only hope you will respond to him also

Praise God


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