Top 10 Reasons why I should get saved

1.  I don’t know what happens to my soul when I die

2.  we can’t be here by accident, everything works so well together, I can be a part of it not apart from it

3.  there’s nothing else with any real proof

4.  what do I have to lose

5.  what’s going to happen in the future

6.  one on one with the creator

7. if it’s real then there would have to be big changes

8.  healing and protection sounds good to me

9.  life after death and living forever

10.  everybody told me not to

… I just can’t stop now

11. I just read Ecclesiastes… wow

Till next time. Pr Bruce.


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  1. I dont think that there is any other way to live, life without knowing who created you would be a worthless existence.. Always wondering and never knowing.. I am glad I know God personally.

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