Outreaching in the UK


There are three Revival Centre Assemblies in the UK, each looking to increase assembly outreaching activities in the new year.

Combined Assembly Activities
In addition to the usual street witnessing, leaflet door-dropping, dinner/barbecue invitations, etc, we are planning to have a number of combined assembly activities, such as larger scaled dinner nights where we will use the musical talents from each assembly, prophecy boards (Norwich Assembly), and possibly a mini-musical.

Olney Activities
We in the Olney assembly are looking to use the new RCI, assembley website as a means of outreaching to the local community. The website is a portal to the world and can be a powerful means to communicate the wonderful message we have.

We will be advertising the website itself to the locals and will update pages and news items on a regular basis. We want the people of Olney to know about our wonderful experience of receiving the Holy Spirit with the miraculous evidence of speaking in tongues. We want them to know how God has healed our bodies, and we want to communicate to them that Christians do enjoy life to the full, (1 Timothy 6v17…in the living God, who giveth us richly all things to enjoy;).

Our assembly numbers in the UK may be small, but we are a mighty people and able ministers through Jesus Christ, (2 Corinthians 3v6), and we are expecting GREAT results, so please, all you big assemblies, uphold the UK assemblies in your prayers.

So Who’s The Roman Soldier Guy At The Top Of The Page?
Altougth we are zealous to take the message to the people, we will never force the Gospel upon the hearers and will therefore not be using the forceful method of witnessing used by the Roman soldier in the picture at the top of the page.

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  1. Olneys best dressed revivalists! … warm regards (C&D), PSL

  2. Glad you like the clothes, (PSL), they’re from one of the famous Italian fashion houses.

  3. Our small assembly in Slupsk will uphold You in our prayers brothers and sisters from UK. Let the Gospel be heard. God bless. Magda

  4. Great to see you ‘getting into the spirit of things’ there Carl:) Your outfit would go very well at our annual fancy dress/21st:)

  5. Hey Deb, that’s not fancy dress, they’re my work clothes.

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