Personal Story: Craig

Personal Story: Craig

I was an average guy, I smoked, drank, took drugs and partied with my friends. I was happy doing these things.

I went on a blind date

I went on a blind date and the girl had recently received the Holy Spirit herself with the evidence of speaking in tongues. She spent the whole date telling me what the Bible said I must do to be right with God.

I could see it clearly in the Bible and didn’t argue. I repented of my way and was baptised under the water… and found God for myself. I spoke in tongues as the scriptures said I would. A miracle.

the crutches were gone, I was set on a clear and clean path

WOW what a change. The Lord immediately freed me from all the ‘crutches’ I had in life (smoking, drinking, drugs, swearing, etc) and set me on a clear and clean path.

That was in 1985. I married the blind date, have two great children now who have also received the Holy Spirit, and life is full and meaningful as I continue to put God first.

I can see things (spiritual things) that I could never see or understand before. As I truly trust God, he smooths out the issues that come up from time to time. Praise the Lord for His salvation.

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