Personal Story: Veronica

Personal Story: Veronica

I was Spirit-filled at the age of 23, having been raised in a traditional religion where I found I was groping in the dark to find God. As soon as I saw the scriptures on baptism, I was baptised and within 10 minutes, I received the Holy Spirit, speaking in a new, fledgling language I had never learnt. The lady beside me turned to me and said ‘you are going to have a wonderful life’. Many things have happened since that have borne that out.

the absolute reliability of the Lord…

At this point in my life I can speak of the absolute reliability of the Lord in all my situations.

As a young mother, my daughter was diagnosed with a retinoblastoma (cancer behind the eye). Completely undetectable and yet somehow, we found it before it spread to the blood. I praise God for her life.

At another point, I was thrilled at how well our business was going, even saying that the only problem we had was too much business! Two years later, political changes and a recession had altered that picture and our business was failing! And I was still thanking God!

My testimony hadn’t changed! Because I knew He had the answers to all our problems. Out of that situation came a new interstate start and other interesting things.

why live in the anxious house

Several years ago, I found myself in the midst of seemingly overwhelming situations and as a consequence, experienced anxiety and even fear. Months later, I was telling a visiting pastor I had suffered from these things. He looked at me and said ‘why would you live there?’ Yes, why would you live in the anxious house when you can dwell in the house of God and enjoy all His benefits.

As I walk on with the Lord, He continues to delight me with expected – and some unexpected – blessings.

An unexpected blessing occurred in 2009 when, one lunch-hour in Brisbane I decided to take my Bible out in the sun to read but first, decided that I would go and have a short Chinese massage just around the corner from my office. The girl allocated to me was Nepalese. But, instead of letting me relax, she started asking me questions! Despite the language barrier, I soon learned that she had had the same experience as I had, and been baptised and Spirit-filled in Nepal. She told me she had been praying to God for a church to go to. Excitedly, I showed her the Bible in my bag (this had no language barrier!) and invited her to come that Sunday. Soon, others came and were delighted to receive the Holy Spirit, as they had been groping in the dark to find God in their religious tradition, just as I once was.

He is indeed an answering God and a friend throughout your life.

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