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Aug 2016
Personal Story: Bronwyn

My parents introduced me to the truth about the gospel when I was a child.  I knew I had to repent, as I couldn’t achieve my own righteousness. The Lord gave me that same powerful proof described in Acts 2 in the Bible.  I asked Him for the Holy Spirit and knew without a doubt that He had answered when I miraculously spoke out in a fluent language that I had never learnt.  I’ll never forget that moment and tears of joy flowed as I felt an amazing peace and happiness. I......

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Nov 2015
Personal Story: Veronica

I was Spirit-filled at the age of 23, having been raised in a traditional religion where I found I was groping in the dark to find God. As soon as I saw the scriptures on baptism, I was baptised and within 10 minutes, I received the Holy Spirit, speaking in a new, fledgling language I had never learnt. The lady beside me turned to me and said ‘you are going to have a wonderful life’. Many things have happened since that have borne that out. the absolute reliability of the Lord… At......

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