2013 Euro Camp

The views are breathtaking, the food is sublime, and of course the fellowship is fabulous.

Over fifty saints from the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Poland, Australia, and New Zealand are gathered at Valles in the Italian Alps.

Yesterday Pastor Simon appointed Carl Gibbard from the Midlands in the UK to be the coordinating Pastor of the work in the United Kingdom. Meetings are regularly held in London run by Robbie Grundel; in Norwich they are run by Bryan Robson; and Pastor Carl looks after the work in Olney in the Midlands. The leadership team is enthusiastic to step up the program of outreach and fellowship and they are already using their time at the camp to plan future events.

Revival Centre meetings are also regularly held in the Florence and Bolzano areas in Italy; Slupsk in Poland; and in Germany.

The Euro camp will run through to the end of the week with a program of meetings, concerts, mountain walks, prayer sessions and fellowship at the nearby ‘hof'(cafe). It’s very hard to imagine any place that is more beautiful! Staying in a valley surrounded by massive mountain peaks is awe inspiring! … and then there is the amazing fellowship that certainly is, the icing on the apple strudel!

We should all keep our friends in this part of the world in our prayers as they continue to faithfully preach the Gospel with signs following.

God Bless

Pastor Simon







  1. Fantastic scenery, makes you want to visit, for the fellowship of course

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