Aitape Zone – Papua New Guinea

Retirement announced:

Retirement of 78years of age leader Julian Reimau, who has been preaching for 27 years from 1995 till 27th March 2022, we retired Him. His photo is attached, sitting in Aitape Town Church Hall.

Commissioning of two new district pastors

I have made replacements with two new district pastors (1)Titus Kamputu will replace Eric Munrai, Eastern Inland District.

(2)Topias Prere replaceJohn Palu 

Central District. Their photo attaches with Shut on your right side.

Their commissioning at our company Sunday, 14th August 2022.

You know Joshua Wisou. We reinstate him back to his title and look after Western Inland District.

Commemorating the 40th Anniversary 

Last weekend here in Aitape, our whole Zone was fasting, starting on Thursday the 01st–Sunday the 04th. Yesterday we had a big dinner with the local menu.

Church infrastructure:

In the Zone, I’m still working on the church’s permanent Domotary to accommodate brethren for Training/Regional Conferences.

I work on fundraising to get Hardware materials only, that’s 40 sheets of roofing iron and 32 sheets of V/crimp to complete the entire building.

Pastor Pascal Reimau

Zone Pastor Aitape Zone


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  1. Great news Enjoy your retirement Pastor Julian.

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