Baptisms in Olney, UK


Great news! Two people were baptised and filled with the Holy Spirit on Sunday 26 March at the Revival Centres Church, Olney, UK.

A Polish lady living in the Midlands in the U.K., came across the Polish Revival Centres Church website and being impressed by what she read, decided to contact Pastor Konrad to ask questions about revival and salvation. After a number of telephone conversations, Konrad invited her to the Sunday meeting in Olney in the U.K., as he and Lucia, his wife, were visiting us for the weekend.

Anya, the Polish lady, and her partner Rohan, decided to come over to Olney for the weekend to experience a revival meeting and to ask further questions. It was during a fellowship supper, after the meeting, that they both decided to seek the Lord for the Holy Spirit. Rohan received the Holy Spirit first, but when they were both baptised, Anya received the Holy Spirit too. Praise the Lord.

Pr Carl Gibbard.


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